May 7, 2024

How to Find Purpose In Your Life

Life is filled with ups and downs, and during our low points there may be times where you’re feeling hopeless or are feeling uncertain of where your life is directed. This may lead to feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and even depression. These existential issues affect people differently, but there is no right way to overcome it. Every journey is special and individual.

What Should You Avoid During Periods of Uncertainty?

Comparing Yourself to Others

While it’s easier said than done, it will help tremendously if you are able to push negative comparative thoughts away. It’s normal to hear about other people’s lives and wish yours was more like theirs. This is normal, but not productive. Your life is your own, and is special as is. 

Seeking Validation From Others

While it’s nice to hear external validation from others around us, it’s not necessarily the healthiest way to find purpose in your life. It’s a natural instinct to want to be accepted into the world and groups around you. However, external validation is only ever going to lead to needing more external validation. Internal validation is long-lasting.

Having Unrealistic Expectations For Others and Yourself

Having high expectations can be good to have and lead to long-lasting respect, as long as they are within boundaries. Trying to force yourself or others to be someone you’re not will only lead to disappointment.

How to Start Finding Purpose In Your Life

The first step is often the most difficult, as many individuals don’t know where to start. When it comes to finding purpose, It is all about baby steps. The majority of people don’t know what they want in life until adulthood. However, taking that first step can help lead you long-term joy.

  1. Develop a growth mindset: Try to set goals for yourself. Start small – examples like making your bed every day or turning off your electronics an hour before going to bed are a great place to start. Small goals help you build momentum.
  2. Give back: Giving back to your community can give others happiness and make you feel good about yourself. Helping your community will give you a sense of pride, accomplishment, and love that can improve self-esteem and feel very motivating.
  3. Read: This may seem simple, but many people have found reading to be inspirational. Reading can expose you to new perspectives. It also allows your brain to think creatively and improves brain function. It also opens up new social channels.
  4. Find your passions: It is important to have a hobby or passion project that interests you. It can be baking, running, or even playing a sport. Having a passion helps you understand what path you are taking and making you motivated to find your purpose. You can also join clubs where you can meet new people and bounce ideas off of them.
  5. Practice self-care: Give yourself time to take care of yourself. Everything starts with you and you will not be able to do tasks if you are not mentally okay. Allow yourself to relax and think about the great things that you did that day. If it was not a good day, pour your feelings out in a journal. Many people have found journaling to be therapeutic for them. You can also try meditating which can help with stress.

How Can Better U Help You Find Purpose?

Here at Better U, we want to help you find your ultimate meaning in life. We’re here for you, whether it’s talking about your journey, or even engaging in psychedelic therapy yourself. There is no wrong answer to finding yourself and your purpose. We believe that through psychedelic therapy and talking to our professionals, there is hope for finding yourself again.