Director of Functional Medicine & Chairman of Medical Board
Dr. Rafid Fadul
Dr. Rafid Fadul stands out as a pioneering force in the realm of digital health, leveraging his extensive expertise to improve patient care and access across the healthcare spectrum. As a triple board-certified physician in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine, and critical care, Dr. Fadul's medical proficiency is matched by his acumen in health technology and digital innovation. His journey in medicine began with an impressive educational background, completing his medical training at Georgetown University alongside obtaining an MBA from Johns Hopkins University. Further honing his skills, he pursued specialized training in pulmonary/critical care at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Fadul's professional trajectory is marked by significant contributions to both clinical medicine and the health tech sector. Early on, he recognized the potential of telemedicine, becoming an early adopter and serving as a consultant for numerous companies within the industry. His leadership role as the founding Chief Medical Officer at Wheel Health and his position as Chief Medical Officer at imaware underscore his commitment to leveraging technology to empower patients and enhance healthcare delivery. Furthermore, his role as President of the Evernow Medical Group at Evernow highlights his ongoing dedication to advancing medical care through technology. Beyond his roles in corporate and medical advisory capacities, Dr. Fadul's impact extends into the realm of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. He is an advisor for various health tech companies and holds positions on the boards of several organizations, including MedWish International, where he leads medical missions abroad, demonstrating his commitment to global health and welfare. Dr. Fadul's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his successful ventures, including the sale of his multi-state group practice of Community Intensivists to HNI Healthcare and his involvement in the sale of Platform Beer Company and Gypsy Brewery to Anheuser-Busch. Dr. Fadul's published work spans clinical medicine, health economics, and digital health, reflecting his wide-ranging expertise and thought leadership in these fields. His contributions have not only advanced the scientific community's understanding of critical care and pulmonary medicine but have also paved the way for innovations in digital health that promise to redefine patient care for the better. In sum, Dr. Rafid Fadul exemplifies the qualities of a modern medical leader: a deep commitment to patient care, a visionary approach to the use of technology in healthcare, and a demonstrated capacity for impactful entrepreneurship and philanthropy.
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