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July 13, 2022

The Many Benefits of Music Therapy : Sound Healing for Physical and Mental Well-Being

Do you often feel stressed out? Do you have trouble sleeping at night? If so, you may want to consider trying music therapy. Also known as sound healing, this therapy can help clear energetic blockages and facilitate healing on a physical and mental level. In this blog post, we will discuss the many benefits of music therapy and how it can help improve your overall well-being. Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing. The person being treated partakes in the experience with a trained practitioner. Music therapy may involve:

• listening to music
• singing along to music
• moving to the beat of the music
• meditating
• playing an instrument

Healing with sound is believed to date back to ancient Greece, when music was used to cure mental disorders. Throughout history, music has been used to boost morale in military troops, help people work faster and more productively, and even ward off evil spirits by chanting.

When used correctly, music therapy or sound healing can help to:

- Reduce stress and anxiety
- Improve sleep quality
- Boost immunity
- Enhance cognitive function
- Relieve pain
- Accelerate healing

These are just some of the ways in which music therapy can benefit your health. Suppose you are interested in trying sound healing for yourself, lucky for you. In that case, Better U Care offers this as a part of our available packages.

Can sounds heal?

Listening to sound healing music can be an excellent way of reducing stress and entering a meditative state. Moreover, practitioners offer their services as alternative treatment options for anxiety problems or chronic pain; they're also effective in relieving sleep disorders such as insomnia when used alongside prescribed medication.

Can sound frequencies heal the body?

Sound healing has been shown to lower stress levels and facilitate a more restful night's sleep. Sound therapies also help you clear energetic blockages, which then reduce physical and mental healings on both an emotional and factual level. is the official website of the American Music Therapy Association. It is the authority on music therapy with information covering all aspects of the industry. Whether you are a professional certified music therapist or parent of a child referred to music therapy, you will find helpful research, facts, and answers to the music therapy industry questions. Check them out here