Our Commitment to Clinical Safety

We understand the power of these sacred medicines.

While psychedelic therapy can be life changing, it is not without risk.

Better U’s medical advisory team and Better U Medical Group continuously collaborates with other world experts and follows growing evidence based practices to provide affordable psychiatric care for those seeking ketamine therapy. There has been a large movement to avoid risk factors and to find medically guided, safe, and evidence based psychedelic care. We are pleased to see the prioritization of mental health and have worked diligently to safely bridge access for those who haven’t responded to traditional first-line psychiatric treatments.

Although these healing modalities are ancient in many ways, the psychiatric application is cutting edge. In light of the diverse protocols in the community, here is  an overview of how Better U ensures clinical safety at every step of our program.

At Home Ketamine Therapy requires a low risk profile to ensure safe standards. This level of treatment is not for everyone

We believe that revolutionary treatments involving psychedelic therapy can change lives. We also recognize that ketamine therapy is not for everyone. Further, virtually guided protocols require reliable social support and good physical health. Initial self-screening begins with an online assessment to identify any risk factors and gain insight to whether this treatment is medically appropriate. Patient safety is our absolute priority, and Better U does not extend services to anyone who meets the following criteria:

  • Clients younger than 18
  • Those pregnant or nursing
  • Those struggling with acute substance dependence
  • Psychotic disorder or those with history of unaddressed psychotic symptoms
  • Bipolar disorder with severe mania
  • Unstable medical conditions including but not limited to: hypertension, chronic cardiac disease, aneurysmal vascular disease, respiratory illnesses, seizure disorder, or thyroid disease
  • Moderate to severe liver disease
  • Those who do not meet the criteria for a psychiatric diagnosis under the current standard of care

In addition to following state and federal guidelines, our clinical criteria follows established evidence-based practices regarding the use of ketamine for psychiatric indications. These standards have been established by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Association of Psychedelics, and the American Psychedelic Practitioner Association.

Better U provides a platform for licensed-clinicians to provide ketamine therapy for those with treatment-resistant depression, PTSD and anxiety disorders. We strongly caution against the use of at-home ketamine care for those with more serious conditions that include severe bipolar disorder, substance use disorders, eating disorders, and more complicated issues that would require direct medical supervision. There are many instances when we may ask for medical clearance from the patient’s ongoing clinician. If our psychiatric providers feel any client is not an appropriate candidate for treatment, the client will receive a full refund and their psychiatric evaluation will be complimentary.

Touch points every step of the way to provide as much support as you need.

Our care coordination team prioritizes education, compassion, safety, and love every step of the treatment journey. After the online assessment, a care coordinator reaches out to confirm medical history and review safety guidelines.

In order to approve treatment, clients meet with their psychiatric provider for an in-depth 30 minute medical and psychiatric evaluation. Our highly trained psychiatric providers follow a comprehensive medical protocol to ensure every qualified patient consistently receives a personalized treatment plan based on their needs. After a step-by-step explanation of the treatment process, education, safety, and therapeutic guidelines, our providers address any patient questions or concerns in order to allow an informed decision about their treatment.

*Better U’s treatment program consists of an initial period of dose acclimation followed by a short term maintenance plan to help propel healing and growth. Patients can check in with their psychiatric provider each month to monitor progress, review health changes, and update prescriptions as necessary. Patients are also encouraged to reach out to the care team at any time with questions or concerns between clinical meetings. All medical questions are relayed to the clinician for response.

In addition to ketamine therapy, our integration guides offer patients access to Better U’s proprietary Neuroplastic Therapy program with personalized routines and guided self-therapy exercises. Our expert medical team also hosts weekly classes to teach about preparation, integration, and various topics around mental health. These sessions provide essential guidance throughout the treatment process to help patients make the most of their treatment.

Education, Safety, and Support are our top priorities.

Better U clinicians carefully verify medical information to ensure all contraindications and safety precautions are considered before writing a prescription. This includes a comprehensive medical history, vital sign monitoring, and assessing psychiatric eligibility. If needed, we will ask for medical clearance or medical records to verify and properly assess fit.

Better U requires all patients to arrange an on-site Peer Support to be available during medical treatments. Peer Support must be an adult (usually a family member, significant other, close friend, or roommate) specified during the intake process and capable of fostering a secure space during ketamine treatments. The Peer Support must review our member portal and sign informed consent forms acknowledging their understanding. Patients who cannot arrange for a Peer Support have the option to engage our virtual peer support team to be there for them during treatment.

The Hybrid Model. At home or in-office care, personalized to meet unique needs.

While some regulations and circumstances allow for full telemedical care, our team has built a hybrid approach to ensure utmost safety and compliance. For many patients, care begins in the office with their psychiatric provider monitoring the introduction to ketamine therapy. We use a slow taper dosing approach, adopted from evidence-based guidelines for ketamine and esketamine therapy. Our clinical team regularly monitors client feedback to make sure dose changes are made when clinically appropriate. For patients who may be at risk or require higher dosage ranges, we refer them to our local clinic directory where they can receive a higher level of medical supervision and monitoring.

Our mission: consistently improving as the industry leader in medically guided, evidence-based, and safe access to breakthrough treatment.

Better U’s curated psychedelic therapy protocol combines ketamine sessions with psychiatric oversight, personalized coaching, educational classes, and integrative care. Our medical protocol is designed to help patients with treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, or PTSD find relief using the latest breakthroughs in holistic mental health care. We aspire to help patients become less reliant on medication and more focused on self-healing, self-growth, self-love, and self-transcendence.

Our goal is to help patients achieve this self-improvement with minimal pharmacological intervention, once or twice a week. Our integration guides will continue to provide ongoing emotional support and educational guidance to improve harmony and balance within. Dosing and frequency are tapered down over time until clients feel prolonged clarity and relief.

Internal research and data analysis to contribute to the emerging psychedelic industry.

At Better U, we believe that the future of psychedelic medicine require physician collaboration, social enterprise strategies, and a prioritization of patient care over financial gain. This is why we have allocated a large portion of our resources into research studies. We are soon publishing the first ever safety study analyzing the low-risk profile of our at home ketamine therapy protocol. Although side effects are possible, to date, we have had zero adverse outcomes. We plan to share this internal data and conduct IRB studies to advance the acceptance of psychedelic medicine.