Care Concierge and Support
Thea Stevens
Thea’s interest in integrative medicine and professional experience covers many modalities focused on self-work and educational pursuits to find what is effective for individuals looking to address the root cause of their challenges and process complex mental and emotional wounding. Her educational training includes a doctorate in naturopathy with a focus on mind-body medicine, a massage therapy license, and various modalities supporting the healing journey through in-depth transformational techniques. Her approach to growth is rooted in showing up for yourself and putting in the effort to meet your care team halfway by creating self-acceptance through a gentle and consistent willingness to learn and expand. Ketamine therapy has been transformational in her journey. She lights up when given the opportunity to connect with others and share her knowledge of resources and techniques to help facilitate their own healing experience through holistic experiences like immersive retreats and holding space for others daily through integration support. In her spare time, you can find Thea investing in her own self-care and growth, exercising or exploring outdoors, cooking, traveling in her Skoolie, and enjoying creative outlets.
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