Psychology Director
Dr Jaymee Brooke
Dr. J, also known as Dr. Jedi, a native of Southern California, embarked on her journey in self development at a young age. Following a soul-searching retreat in Palm Desert in 2005, she discovered her calling in therapy and coaching. At just 18, she committed herself to becoming a certified life coach, igniting her passion for helping others achieve healing. Driven by her dedication to transformative experiences, Dr. J pursued advanced certification as an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master practitioner and trainer, expanding her expertise in coaching methodologies. Continuing her quest for knowledge, Dr. J obtained dual doctorate degrees in clinical hypnotherapy and parapsychology, utilizing hypnosis and psychotherapeutic systems to aid clients in overcoming obstacles and achieving personal growth and healing. Dr. J's influence extends beyond her own practice, as the coaching program for was modeled after her exemplary research and approach to NLP methodology. Today, her commitment to the personal and professional development is evident as she integrates her expertise in various integrative therapeutic modalities to empower her clients and facilitate profound healing transformations.
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