Certified Integration Coach
Alejandro Hierro
Alejandro Hierro is a Psychedelic Integration Coach at Better U. His passion for psychedelic therapy stems from both personal experience and a 17-year career in social work and behavioral health. Throughout his career, he has worked extensively with vulnerable populations, from youth in foster care to individuals facing severe mental health challenges. This work has fueled his dedication to empowering people to find purpose, explore social impact, and optimize their well-being toward a thriving life. In the past five years, Alejandro has deepened this passion by participating in many psychedelic journeys across various modalities. These profound experiences have solidified his belief in the transformative and healing power of psychedelics. Additionally, he has gained valuable experience supporting many individuals and groups as an integration coach. Alejandro’s expertise extends beyond psychedelics. He has extensive experience and training in human behavior, interpersonal relationships, flow states and peak performance, mindfulness, and social entrepreneurship. He is also actively involved in binational academic projects on mental health, human rights, and social justice issues.
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