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*The medical decision to provide the prescribe the patient ketamine relies solely on the prescriber after a full medical consultation.

Why Better U?

We empower psychotherapists to provide safe, effective, and transformative Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (PAP) to their patients.

Did you know?

We aim to work cooperatively with primary care providers in order to deliver an adjunctive and personalized care plan based on each individual patient’s needs. When current medical practices prove to be ineffective, or patients respond poorly to prescribed medications, ketamine may prove to be an ideal alternative to solve these persistent issues. To learn more about how ketamine can benefit patients with unwavering problems relating to mood disorders or chronic pain, or to refer a patient to our program, please fill out the information below.

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"Working with Better U allows me to do deeper work with more challenging patients. My patients feel safer to explore feelings and experiences that they were actively resisting in therapy. We also appreciate the fact that it's seamless moving from an intro conversation with a patient, to facilitating a meeting with a prescriber, to having a PAP session in my office. It's easy to use, which is especially important for patients who are struggling in typical therapy."