Client Stories

"It’s hard to describe but on a small scale, I feel like I can think about things that normally make me extremely anxious, scared, or angry. I’m able to accept things and give myself room to reflect on things without extra negative emotions. When that wears off the after effects are kind of just contentment with my feelings."

- Jamie G.

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"My thoughts were stuck in a revolving depressive pattern, and I felt like I kept carving deeper and deeper into these ski slopes of misery. Ketamine was like fresh powder. It helped me to reset the way I was thinking and carve new thought patterns. It’s like ALT-CTL-DEL for the brain and I recommend it to everyone."

- Bella R.

"One of the primary benefits for me is that my state of hyper-vigilance or not feeling safe was improved. Once I got through the treatment, I felt relaxed and comfortable enough to realize that things are okay. My body became less tense and I was able to finally let go of some anger and anxiety. I never thought I'd try something like ketamine, but I'm glad I did. It was like getting years of therapy in one session!"

- Kelly M.

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