April 18, 2024

Five Ways to Reach Your Highest Potential With Psychedelic Therapy

Psychedelic therapy, particularly online ketamine therapy, is an up-and-coming healing modality that may be able to help you reach your highest potential. When utilizing ketamine therapy in a safe environment and with certified medical professionals, here are five additional factors to consider when utilizing psychedelic therapy to try and reach your highest potential: 

The right set and setting

Set and setting are so important. 'Set' refers to your mind state before taking the substance, while 'setting' is the environment you are in while in a mindset influenced by a psychedelic medication. Ideally, you want to be in an area that isn't stressful, with people who will support you and help guide your experience. This can be difficult when there's no one around who understands what you're doing or why--but there are ways around this!

Here at Better U, we require our patients to have a Peer Support (PS) to check in on them during their ketamine therapy experience and ensure that they maintain a calm, safe mindset.

Acknowledging your fears

When it comes to working through anxiety and depression with psychedelic therapy, it's not enough to simply acknowledge your fears- You need to understand their origin and the role they play in your life.

For example, some of our fears are useful and help us avoid danger. However, some can also be irrational and limit us from experiencing life at its fullest -- like when you're afraid of heights, or spiders (or intimacy) (or all of the above!). Facing these fears requires courage and support from others who understand what it means for someone to heal from a deep-rooted fear and are willing to support you through the psychedelic therapy process.

Confronting the limitations of your current worldview

One of the most important aspects of psychedelic therapy is confronting the limitations of your current worldview. Psychedelics can be a powerful catalyst for change and growth, but the intention needs to be there to change yourself. In order to reach your highest potential, you have to be willing and open to new ideas that challenge what you think about yourself and how the world works.

It might seem scary at first--especially if you've been conditioned against change by society or family members--but this fear should not stop you from exploring new ideas or questioning old ones. It's just as important for us as individuals to grow beyond ourselves as it is for humanity as a whole.

Coming to terms with past trauma

Past trauma is an important and limiting factor in your life. It can cause you to feel disconnected from yourself and the world around you, which results in a lack of self-love. Trauma can also lead to narratives that tell you that you aren't good enough, or don't deserve love. The weight of these beliefs is often carried over into adulthood because it wasn't properly processed during childhood.

In addition to these negative feelings and perceptions, there may also be negative emotions like anger or sadness associated with the event itself. It's important to focus on healing these emotion injuries in the same way we work to heal our physical injuries! 

Moving past judgement and shame

Shame is a painful emotion that can be caused by internalizing the negative judgments of others. It's a feeling of humiliation and embarrassment, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. Shame can also be a powerful motivator for change, but it needs to be processed.

When you feel shame, it means that something has happened that makes you feel bad about yourself or your behavior. This isn't always a bad thing -- people make mistakes, and shame is a natural part of life. The problem comes when we become too focused on what other people think about our actions instead of taking responsibility for our own choices. Say goodbye to shame with ketamine therapy, reclaim your power.

Psychedelic therapies can help you reach a higher potential.

Psychedelic therapy is a way to explore your inner self. It can help you discover your true potential, learn more about yourself and find your higher potential. Here at Better U, we provide ketamine therapy to individuals seeking healing. If you think ketamine therapy may be right for you, take our two minute assessment here and set up your first appointment!